#New ZKSwap App Test# w/ pictures!

Suggestion : Onboarding prompt how-to-deposit prompt for new users
Withdrawal From Website: This is my first time using ZKSwap… Depositing funds was non-intuitive on the mobile app (I use a ledger nano). I figured out I had to deposit on the website and swap from layer-1 to layer-2. If I was brand new to crypto, this would be a very confusing process. Would be good to give guidance/walkthroughs for different types of users.
Mobile Deposit: After desktop withdrawal confirmation, I opened the app expecting a “funds received” popup. Instead, I clicked each icon until I opened “Asset-Receive” and saw, to my relief, my new balance.

Feedback 1 : “Receive in Fast Account (L2)” text is small and hard to read. If it’s important, the text should be clear and not so “wordy”.

Feedback 2 : You need to tell the user there is a minimum amount required to withdrawal BEFORE they deposit. (I wasn’t aware of the 200 USDT minimum, despite being able to deposit 30.06 USDT.)

Feedback 3 : When I exit the app and come back, I’m not asked to “fingerprint” again…is this the right experience? I’d figure since it’s a wallet, a password would be required every time.

Feedback 4 : On the Swap page, top left hand corner is a clickable icon. Recommend making this a different color or different icon to tell users it’s clickable.


  1. Clicking on “Beginner’s Guide” gives me an error page

  2. Clicking “ZKWAP X DEFIBOX” directed me to a page which didn’t “feel” like it was correct…as a user, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do on here…

  3. Using the Android Twitter App, when I clicked “Switch to the app”… I got an error (not sure if twitter or ZKswap issue)

  4. The 24 Chg (%) doesn’t update

That’s all for now:)

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