#V3 Testnet #Feedback For the zkswap team

This is a good project, but I encountered a bug. After I clicked on the payment signature when selling NFT, a pop-up window kept appearing and waiting. I think this is a bug, please fix it. In addition, I hope there are more languages. Besides, his recharge process is slow to confirm. I hope that under this optimization, I experienced this project today, which gave me a good feeling, so I hope the team will do better and better, and come on.

NFT creation problem

I created two nfts, and they look pretty good. During the creation process, I can’t upload pictures that are too large or too high-definition, which is a bit too annoying. I hope that more high-definition pictures can be accepted so that users can upload their favorite pictures. Create a dynamic emoticon package. When I went to check other people’s NFTs, I couldn’t find one I liked, so I didn’t make a purchase. I only knew that there was no problem creating it.
NFT has no classification function, so you can’t find the type you like very well.
Supposing that when I create a rich enough NFT, I cannot classify and plan my own options. The only problem I encountered when creating it was network congestion, which forced my NFT upload to fail and needed to be edited again.
You can’t buy in bulk. If I am a rich person, I will put the ones I like into a pile to buy, and then check out at the end. It won’t happen that when you buy one now, you can search for your favorite NFT again after a successful purchase.
The login is still a bit problematic, there will be freezes, failures, of course, there may also be browser freezes.

good luck always for V3, our prayers are with all of you, For the zkswap team, we wish you good health, so that this V3 project will be better Good luck…