#V3 Testnet Feedback# from benchong

I’m very happy. On a quiet afternoon at the weekend, I turned on my computer and participated in the test of zkswap V3 version. The test is mainly divided into the following steps

  1. Deposit and withdrawal of tokens

1.1 token deposits:

The deposit supports recharging zkswap from L1 to Tier 2, and recharging it from other accounts on tier 2. Both methods are good for people who pursue different speeds, but recharging from Tier 1 is slow. This can be optimized. When transferring from layer 2, does zkswap support ENS domain name conversion? If so, for example, you can transfer tokens directly to zkswap through layer 2 simple address. If this is implemented, ZKS will be easier to use

1.2 withdrawal of Tokens:

Try the withdrawal function, but find that eth is needed as gas. Do you support direct deduction with UDCT and ZKS or other tokens? It is more convenient to rivet the value of tokens through the Oracle machine and deduct tokens as gas in real time

  1. Transaction:

I tried to test my ZKS token exchange City Eth and found that eth is not required as gas, which is too convenient,

In many exchanges, the system prompts me that there is a wrong transaction data:

“Transaction failed due to low slippage tolerance or failed contract call caused by operation too fast. Funds have been returned. Please try again.”

This is because of the sale of, which makes the price lower. The sliding point setting is too small, but my gas is also deducted from the system. I hope this piece can be given a discount.

  1. L2 transfer:

I’ve heard that a friend mistakenly sent eth to the wrong address because of copying the wrong eth address or missing one digit. Here, I focused on testing ZKS’s transfer and whether the address was checked when extracting eth from layer 2 to layer 1. This is a very subtle thing, but I found zkswap did a good job, Address verification can prevent users from losing assets.

NFT creation, delivery and purchase:

Question 1: NFT migration of the main network is not supported. For example, I have several or dozens of NFTs on the ETH main network. I want to migrate them to zkswap. How can I operate this? I hope this operation can be supported, because at present, many NFTs come from the ETH main network

Question 2: compared with opensea, it lacks some more specific functions and menus, such as displaying the highest price and lowest price

Question 3: there is no audit mechanism or white list. If the NFT created by users is too low-level or vulgar, the market will shrink more and more. I hope the official can verify or manage it in the form of Dao.

my adr:0x9015856fdf69a9613fF53b8EC70c0072B7FCAc4B