#V3 Testnet #Feedback go go

I tested in on my Mac 12.0.1 with VPN service on, Metamask.

Comments: We all have spent some time in the space and got used to certain standards. We have expectations. So I was a bit skeptical about V3 when I first heard about it. But since I started to test it, now I don’t want to return back to any other protocols. I got similar experience after I had my first Electric car test drive. You get use to good things really fast!
The speed of all the transactions, including NFT minting was incredibly fast! I instantly knew how to operate with V3 - so natural the user interface is! Adding NFT market is a very smart move! And I like the lock - I do not afraid to leave my page open, because I still have a lock.

Keep up with the good work!!! I HOPE TO START USING ZKSWAP V3 as soon as possible!!!