#V3 Testnet Feedback# Moira

I’m very happy to participate in the test. After the test, I have some suggestions for the zkswap team

  1. The prophet’s quotation is wrong. Does zkswap use chainlink or its own Oracle machine for quotation? My 0.5eth shows that it is only worth 54u, and the value in the external market should be about 2000u. Maybe this is because the pool is too shallow, or the Oracle machine quotation problem

  2. There are too few optional tokens for L2 exchange. At present, there are only four Tokens: link, Dai, udst and ZKS. Whether the self-service coin loading function can continue in V3 is a question to be considered

  3. There is a failed transaction, but I don’t know the reason. It’s best to prompt me the reason for the failure after the failure, such as sliding point, gas or others, so that I can submit the next transaction

  4. NFT supports GIF. This is a good cushion. After all, some NFTs are sporty. If NFT can support direct pricing, it would be better if I went to my wallet to find it and give it pricing.

  5. NFT does not support the quotation mode. At present, the mainstream NFT trading market supports the quotation mode. After the user makes a quotation, I can accept the transaction, which is particularly convenient.


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