#V3 Testnet Feedback# - My experience

Had a great time testing the new ZKSwap V3. I think addition of NFT can be a game changer if enough people in the community start minting and selling their NFTs. UI and UX are simple and easy to understand. Swaps worked well and quick. Also option to pay fees in multiple assets is also great and quite important as defi evolves. Once ZKswap gets enough liquidity and more crypto assets on the platform, it is quite easy to stay inside ZKswap eco-system without a need to go back to L1 mainnet. Zk-Rollups are definitely the future and ZkSwap being faster than others to ship will help them to gain market share. Technically did not find any bugs. Minting NFT was fast and easy too. Looking forward to additional features in the future like cross ZK rollups compatibility and composability. LFG to the future! My L2 address - 0x1dF2535cf0956AbEC21C4738534885d3849d6578

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