#V3 Testnet #Feedback my hope in the future

my hope in the future

Deposits, exchange, liquidity pool functions went smooth with not much lag at all.
The fees I would have wished it to be even lower. On the NFT side, I saw a common problem similar to a lot of the other NFT markets, ie. the lack of capability to present the listed items in a more meaningful way.
The most important function missing I would say is a sort-list. People who are in the NFT market would notice this right away. If I may go further to suggest adding in a Buy-now feature and a Floor-price indicator. Listing by classifications such as “genre”, “type” etc would definitely help the who shopping experience. If I may push it even further, we can have a function that alert the shopper if the floor price hit a certain price point. These will differentiate the platform from others and being a late comer I think users would expect a better experience compared to the incumbent.