My Thoughts and Possible Improvements

I tried the minting platform and my mind was blown away at the speed at which each NFT goes from creating and filling in the required details to confirmation in your wallet and its minted. It is absolutely fast and you don’t need any background knowledge in crytpocurency to participate in either the Minting, Buying, and even putting your own NFT for sale. Although I noticed that after requesting for tokens from the ZKS faucet for USDT and ZKS, I never got, I don’t know why that was. The design of the platform is really simple and there isn’t that many options that can distract the user. I also tried swapping on the L2 and adding some pools to test the smoothness of it and there wasn’t any lag. I also have to add that throughout the whole testing process, that is the setting up your profile, Minting, Buying and selling and even swapping and liquidity addition, there was no Lag noticed in the platform at all. KUDOS to the team and wish you the best going forward. The areas where I noticed improvement could be made is below


  1. When trying to search for NFTs, the amount of NFTs showed in a page is way too small and i think it should be changed to fit more amount of NFTs per page.

  2. I also think the next page strategy when checking the NFT mall should be ditched and converted to a scroll type where users just keep scrolling down as opposed to having to click the next page

  3. I also think NFTs should be able to be sorted by Price and currencies

  4. I also think NFTs should be able to bidded on, Most of the NFTs i went through where instant buys. There should be an option where if a buyer cannot pay as much as the price the NFT creator stipulated, An interested buyer should be able to place a bid for it at a price they can afford and if the seller agrees, The transaction can happen

These are my thoughts and i hope they help. #V3 Testnet Feedback#