#V3 Testnet Feedback# Trying out NFT Mint and Sale

I was quite happy with the experience today , as most of the process of testing happed quite smoothing. It could be because I have been testing the App for six day or the bugs and issue are getting fixed as we test. Whichever is the case, It seems a lot better to use the ZKSwap App portal now , than it was a week back .

I tried out all the steps associated with NFTs : Minting, Selling, Buying. Thought it would help to document the experience and also would help anyone else who havent tried this process out. Unfortunately , Being a newish User the Application does not allow me to put more than one Screenshot … Feel free to connect , If I can help!


  1. Got testnet tokens into my V3 ZKSWAP TEstnet wallet. I got $ETH ( via and $ZKS & $USDT , The link to the faucets can be found on this document

  2. Minted a couple of NFTs using $ETH and $ZKS. Note that you can choose which token to use to pay minting fees in your setting (gear icon at the top right).

The form is simple enough , Need to fill a NFT Title , Upload a relevent NFT (I tried only images, which I created myself.) [*To start minting click NFT tab and the MINT NFT button]

Filled up all the form fields , I even added a few properties for the NFT

  1. Confirmed that my NFT was minted OK by checking NFT Transaction on ZK Swap Transaction Explorer (https://v3-rinkeby.zkswap.info/)
    Also checked my profile to make sure the new minted NFT is ready .

Is very straight forward

  1. Selected the "Sell NFT " from the “User Pages” menu. (This took a little while to figure out , as I wasnt expecting the Sell , My Profile and Transaction to be in there . It could have been simply called "MY MENU " or something from a UX stand point. Anywaz I did figure that , as I was trying everything on the page :wink: )

  2. Added the price , I wanted to sell the NFT for and Clicked “Sell”

  3. I confirmed that my NFT was on Sale by visiting the “NFT MALL”


  1. I also bought a random NFT from NFT Mall to test the buy process , Which is again very straight forward . visit the NFT Mall , Choose the NFT you wish and Click Buy and then Confirm transaction

  2. I can confirm that SALE also happens with no issues , as someone was kind enough to buy/exchange one of my Minted NFTs :wink: :heart_eyes:

Hope that helps…

#ZKSwap team Good Work and I will put a post soon on some Usability , if it helps!

Best Wishes

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