#V3 Testnet Feedback# from Mad Krya

Have tested ZKSwap following an instruction.
Reasonably easy to use, user-friendly interface, everything is nice and clear.
I’ve deposited test ETH, USDT, ZKS, then deposited ETH to layer 2, created a profile, minted NFTs, put them on the market for sale.

My suggestions.

  1. I tried to buy an NFT but the prices were above my wallet capacitate. Would be nice to have a search engine filter, to be able to choose according to price, date, token, format (pics, video), etc… Otherwise a potential buyer gets bored after scrolling 2-3 pages and walks away.
  2. It took some time to find how to put nft to sale. The sell button would looked much more logical next to the NFTs themselves, rather than being hidden in a menu.
  3. Option “make an offer” would be very useful. I think it’s crucial for any market to be able to negotiate. Crypto is not an exception)))
  4. Would you consider to add more token to swap? I would love to see matic, 1inch for example… Any way the more options one gets, the more attractive the platform becomes.

As an artists I will defiantly use the platform to list my works once it’s launched. So looking forward to working together.)

The address I was testing with is the following 0x0b487acBa90c5580A4813CFF8994Ad87368DDCc9