#V3 Testnet Feedback# My opinion on ZKSwap V3

I have used zkswap V3 test network and experienced complete functions. I feel very good overall. I will describe the advantages and disadvantages in detail below.

The first is the advantages:

  1. I think the current NFT creation, sale and purchase experience is very good, fast and low cost. It saves a lot of money and is much faster than the ETH main network.

  2. I think the current NFT mall is doing well. The pictures are large and complete, and there are enough goods to choose from. The NFT created by many people is very interesting, which makes me want to buy.

  3. The content of NFT is very interesting. Many works have art collection value. You can’t stop watching all kinds of NFT. You have the feeling of shopping in the mall. This is also a general trend. The future is metaverse!

The following are shortcomings and suggestions:

  1. The functions of the current test network version are relatively simple, and many functions on opensea are not added, such as collection and series. Therefore, we need to continue to improve the function.

  2. I think it is necessary to add more functions in the mall, such as shopping cart, such as like, such as screening. We can make it into a digital art mall, which is similar to Amazon’s shopping mall experience, but it sells NFT instead of physical goods.

  3. I think it is necessary to give a display list of all NFTs created on the platform, not just those in the mall. I have seen interesting NFT works recommended by the home page, but the author did not go to the mall for sale. I would like to contact the author alone to ask if he is willing to sell but there is no channel. Some social functions can be added to allow users to communicate freely on the platform.

  4. It seems that the NFT of layer 1 and layer 2 networks are still not interconnected? I tried to withdraw the created NFT to the first layer, and then choose to recharge. I still can’t show the NFT in my wallet. I guess whether the NFT on other platforms can’t be read and displayed on zkswap, so the liquidity of NFT will be much worse.

  5. NFT ecology needs many creators to build together, just like many project parties or artists will choose to sell their works on opensea. If possible, zkswap also needs to invest funds to cooperate with more well-known project parties or artists to launch joint works to improve the popularity of the whole platform, so as to attract more people.

  6. Some experience problems: for example, the NFT created sometimes disappears; Sometimes NFT cannot be paid successfully; No prompt for successful sale of NFT; You can see your works in the mall, but you can’t buy them, etc. I believe this is only a beta version, and there will be more user-friendly settings later.

Overall, the NFT platform on the second floor is really great, which makes our NFT players feel a different and happy experience. There are many users of the test network. There are many interesting works to choose from in the mall. We look forward to having more interesting works and new functions to experience after the main network is launched.


Nice testnet V3 good luck…

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