#V3 Testnet #Feedback Nama Art

I found out about this activity from Airdrop.io on Telegram. I have tried other activities like this one and they are hard to understand and the processes are hard to follow. This was by far the easiest process to read, comprehend and follow. I didn’t have to guess what to do at any step in the instructions given. I really appreciated that.

I really enjoyed the experience of working with the app. It was easy to use once all the kinks were bypassed. The app layout flows well and it’s super easy to navigate. I don’t need a PHD to understand where to go on the app and what each tab is used for. But I would like to have a information icon on specific fields to explain what the field is used for and why it might be required. That would sure up the app for me. I like the idea of being able to mint my most precious items with such ease. And have it certified at a specific time and date on the Blockchain.

The app did have a bunch of bugs. I had to connect my wallet a bunch of times, because I kept getting kick off the app. My wallet also kept disconnecting with no warning. Lastly I tried a few different photos, Everytime I uploaded a photo, the app would kick me out and I had to start to process from the beginning. This rejection from the app happened 3 or 4 times. I also couldn’t use the app from my Brave browser app. So I used the browser function in Metamask. Which worked a lot better.

The app being on the ETH network will cause a lot of people to not participate because of the gas fees. I hope the ZKswap helps reduce those fees, but paying over $150 to use the app will have people looking for alternative options.

Ease of use
Works with Metamask
Simple app layout
Easy app Navigation

Being on the ETH network
Cost of transactions

Address: 0xee32C0f9aDa698E6D3B7765Aa84DBb0E4F19dfCb