#V3 Testnet Feedback# Nice vs naughty

First of all thanks for building and extending the l2 space!

  1. App onboarding is quite cumbersome many I could not unlock any of my wallets… investigated and found that many users have the issue when unlocking with ledger (in MM). This really needs to be fixed. Many people mind their security and thus use hw wallets.

  2. Software wallets are smooth - except for very first try it asked me to sign the same message twice?

  3. Swaps and LPing smooth as f**k… amazing no hickups there

  4. NFT some hickups with transferring experienced especially to new accounts the firs transaction fails every time all others are OK afterwards. Buying from marketplace quick and painless

4a. Minting nice I really like the UI that allows you to upload image directly without using any CIDs or IPFS and so on.

5.Overall a very good impression except the onboarding with ledger. That really needs to be looked into by the devs.

MM: 0x9149D8DaF09A4b0d82b3f7cc4db2883599666dFc

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Wrong address here: 0xa4fd65694a9708c2d204bdf7acf8b9c09b105903 that is the correct one