#V3 Testnet Feedback# suggest

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Uploaded 5 cyberKongZ-NFT tests: My introduction to them is:

Welcome to another reality, where evolution takes a different route and eerie apes roam the earth. Some seem normal. Some look very odd. Some of them are really cool! Each CyberKong is unique, with random items of varying rarity. Some are super rare and even animated! Maybe some of them look familiar!

It is amazing how little GAS I spend to do these things if it is on the main network. It definitely cost no less than 1 ETH, but I implemented it for a fraction of the cost on Zkswap

I think this is a zkswap feature:

  1. Low gas releases NFT

  2. Rapid


But there are also some shortcomings

  1. I cannot pack my 5 NFT for sale

  2. The other party could not buy my 5 NFT in a package, which was indeed a bad experience

  3. My works cannot be protected like OpenSea. If someone steals my pictures, how can I solve the problem of copyright protection

  4. Can I deploy a contract for participants to implement their mint functions? I haven’t seen a place to do that yet

  5. When it comes to copyright protection, can the authorities set me or some qualified candidates as certified NFT market participants? There is too much noise in the market at present, which can easily cause bad money to drive out good money.
    My Ethereum address (Zkswap):0x2389446d66304225121d33febeB0d2a469ee670c

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