Hello Everyone #V3 Testnet #Feedback

I participated in this ZKSwap V3 test and felt that the content of this update was very friendly. I felt weak when using the old version, so I will strongly support its on-chain work for the upgraded v3.
When I was withdrawing, I think 40USDT is a bit high, the fee is very expensive, and it is very unfriendly to new users.
I found that I did not test the coin this time. I went to the faucet to get it, but I couldn’t get the account all the time. I was distressed.
NFT cannot be searched by the nickname that made the review, but I published it very smoothly. I successfully published my NFT very quickly, :+1:
Through constant test transfers, sometimes the transfer will fail. I don’t know the specific reason.
My liquidity mining is not working, it can’t be used, my browser, the reason may be
I closed the testnet when I was using it, and when I switched to the mainnet to transfer money, I got stuck there. Later, when I went in, I couldn’t use liquidity to mine.

I found getting funds onto the layer2 wallet extremely easy, however, my 0.99 testnet eth was apparently not enough to print an NFT (although I didn’t see any indication as to how much it would cost prior to being told I didn’t have enough)

I have then attempted to buy someone elses nft FOR .4 ETH, however, was met with a gas fee of 14.8 eth (and therefore couldn’t proceed)

Overall I like the look of the NFT mall, seems easy enough to navigate to the creator and NFT I’d wish to purchase. However, I do wonder how easy it is to search for a specific creator? Currently I only see the search function at an NFT ID level.

The mining tab is currently empty - assuming still being developed

That’s pretty much my review, but seeing as I need to write 300 words min I’ll just type a bit of how I found out about the project and airdrop.

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