#V3 testnet #feedback V3 is great!

This is the first time I have tried a V3 testnet and I had a great experience. I really like Zksynch V3 and it is a huge upgrade over V2. The UX is much improved and more streamlined. The app interface is much cleaner. I did have trouble getting my Rinkeby ETH to show up in my ZkSwap V3 Wallet. However, I was able to easily swap my testnet ZKS for testnet ETH using the L2 Swap feature.

From there very simple and cheap to Mint my own NFT and buy and existing NFT. I have never minted an NFT before and this was very simple and intuitive. The NFT mall could use some more search and filter features.

I also tried out the LP and withdrawal to L1 features as well. I love how cheap all the tx fees are! Can’t wait until they launch the mainnet!

My L2 Wallet: 0x4729d15B8AAdF2d6d5897a33ac893D971486Dde6