#V3 Testnet Feedback# wulong-sir

Hi, I have experienced zkswap v3. The main feature is that I have launched the NFT market on the second floor. I feel that there is only a primary map transmission and generation system, which is not widely used in practice. If it was me, I would not use this software myself. I hope I can optimize it.

Want to join:

  1. Shopping cart function

  2. Want to add filtering function:

Recent listing - items recently listed for sale will appear first.

Recently born - recently cast items will appear first.

Expiring soon - the fastest item at the end of the auction will appear first.

Lowest price - the cheapest items will appear first.

Highest price - the most expensive items will appear first.

The highest last sold items will be sorted by the last sold price.

A large number of items of value ZKS that have been sold will appear first.

Oldest - items cast the longest ago will appear first.

Most viewers - the items accessed by the most users will appear first.

  1. We hope to allow creators, that is, sellers, to create several different types of lists: fixed price list, Dutch auction list and English auction list. The design advantage of price will be fully examined.

  2. In NFT wallet, it’s best to view 3D content, which will be very cool