#V3 Testnet Feedback#ZKSWAP V3 Testnet

Good intuitive interface. Made the NFT minit, everything was quick and easy. Tried out all the functions of the function logged in:
Made a deposit.
Made swap from ETH to ZKS
Added liquidity pool

I did not understand a lot about the liquidity pool. When I made the swap, I got ZKS 97, but after adding the pool of liquidity, the amount which I added to the pool of liquidity was 9.7, I gave ETH, but in fact I was taken away as ETH and ZKS (ZKS 9.7 in total) which I received at the swap.
This is what I did in this testnet

L2 address: 0x41025fd1783B5673d7eB12398EBD97A8b722b952

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