Why collectors buy art in NFT form

One of the most obvious benefits of buying art is the ability to financially support your favorite artist. This also applies to NFT tokens (which are much more fashionable, for example, stickers on Telegram).

Another purchase of NFT usually assigns some basic usage rights to you, for example, to post an image on the network or put it on an avatar. Well, where without a question of prestige, because now you own an art object, and in confirmation of this - an immutable record in the blockchain.

In this case, NFT tokens can be compared to any other speculative asset that you can buy in the hope that someday it will rise in price and sell it profitably. And I didn’t finish above. Beeple received $ 69 million for his painting at the Christie’s auction.

This is $ 15 million more than the amount for which the Water Lilies by Monet were sold to in 2014. Whoever buys Monet can enjoy a material item. In the case of digital art, any copy is literally no different from the original.

I believe that ZKSwap will be a marketplace that can compete on equal terms with Opensea and Rarible.