#ZKSwap V3 NFT# Together we will change the world of NFT

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A non-interchangeable token from the collection of Bored Ape Yacht Club was bought by NBA player Stephen Curry for $ 180,000. The basketball player installed the purchased drawing on the avatar of his profile on the social network Twitter.

The daily trading volume of Bored Ape Yacht Club tokens exceeded $55.6 million on August 28. Since August 22, this indicator has increased by 782%. At the moment, the most expensive NFT token from the collection is being sold for $3.1 billion.

We are no longer surprised by such news from the world of NFT. This is a trend, it has come seriously and for a long time. The great interest in non-interchangeable tokens has led to a boom in crypto collectibles and NFT art – two of the most popular ways to use NFT in the DeFi ecosystem, but far from the only ones. Due to their uniqueness, NFTs are great for digitalizing physical assets, logistics, receiving royalties for music, and much more. As NFT develops, users will find more and more options for their application.

In the near future, interest in the technology of non-interchangeable tokens will grow. It’s not even about the cost of works of art and other objects, but about what prospects the NFT direction opens up for various sectors of the economy: media, real estate, etc. It is reasonable to assume further growth of the market for non-interchangeable tokens, as the metaverses continue to grow both in the form of virtual and augmented reality artifacts, and in the form of collectible digital assets, such as artwork, various cards and game items. Therefore, the industry will grow, and new players will enter it.

Since DeFi has already become a standard and an integral part of the world of the crypto industry, and the NFT trend has appeared quite recently (although it has gained the peak of its popularity very quickly), their interaction and seamless for the user remains a very important problem. We see a situation that, on the one hand, DeFi services are designed to work with financial transactions and are not at all convenient for full-fledged work with NFT, as with a separate art form. On the other hand, we have a large number of marketplaces created for mining, buying, storing and selling our electronic “treasures”. But at the same time, they cannot provide full-fledged work with financial transactions, because first of all they are stores and warehouses. In turn, DeFi is an analogue of electronic decentralized banks.

An important point is the successful combination of the two ecosystems DeFi and NFT. It should be convenient and intuitive for the user, even a beginner. But to give the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of both ecosystems together. In one place. And this place will become ZKSwap. It’s obvious! The company has the greatest potential to implement this idea. Become the center of the plexus of DeFi and NFT. Layer 2 for NFT and an existing platform that has been tested and works perfectly will help in this. I was very happy when I found out about the collaboration between ZKSwap and ZKBox. By combining their efforts, both teams will be able to make an all-in-one product. This will give a truly new tool, thanks to the use of Layer 2.

I also have a big wish for the implementation of Layer 2 ZKSwap v3 NFT. It would be very convenient if it was possible to view and control indexes formed based on the price of top collections (like cryptopanks, etc.). This should be, first of all, not a speculative tool, but an instrument by which it will be possible to control the situation in the markets of NFT (this is similar to the BTC level for the entire crypt). It seems to me to many people who actively participate in the life of this market, it would be very useful to track such NFT indexes

#ZKSwap V3 NFT#

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