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Samurai (the word bushi is also used in Japanese) in feudal Japan are secular male feudal lords, ranging from large sovereign princes (daimyo) to small nobles. In the narrow and most commonly used meaning - the military-feudal estate of small nobles

Although the words samurai and bushi are very close in meaning, but still “bu” (warrior) is a broader concept, and it does not always refer to a samurai.
The word samurai itself comes from the old indefinite form of the verb to serve (saburau) That is, a samurai is a serviceman. Samurai are not only warriors-knights. They were both the bodyguards of their daimyo or suzerain, and at the same time his servants in everyday life

The samurai’s main weapon was two Japanese daisho swords. In the XIV—XIX centuries, these were katana and wakizashi. In addition, the samurai had to wield a long bow. Samurai armor was made of many plates tightly laced to each other
Samurai was born as a result of the Taika reforms of 646, which were carried out as an attempt to adopt the political, bureaucratic and military structure of the Tang Dynasty. The greatest impetus to the development of daimyo and samurai as a class was given by Emperor Kammu at the end of the VIII - beginning of the IX century, seeking help from regional clans in the fight against the Ainu

In the X—XII centuries, in the process of feudal internecine strife, the sovereign clans finally took shape, leading significant military forces that were only nominally listed in the imperial service. By that time, the foundations of the unwritten moral code of the samurai “The Way of the Bow and the Steed” (“Kyuba no miti”) had also developed, which later turned into a set of commandments “The Way of the Warrior” (“Bushido”). Also during this period, the estate of the small nobility of Gokenin appeared

A Samurai is an image of a strong spirit, as well as a physically strong person, a representative of the upper classes. A warrior with honor, ready at any moment to repel the enemy. And this image is associated with ZKSwap


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