#ZKSwap #Rebranding Be a great future

ZKSwap V3 partnered with ZKBox’s NFT protocol with L2 Labs Foundation support will be something amazing in NFT space.

My advice on #ZKSwap Rebranding.

  • NFT Features

forward to future development,

#ZKMeta for rebranding
The adoption of concept of metaverse as NFTs ecosystem.
Being NFT marketplace,user minting,transfer and trade their own NFT.Hopefully NFT can be integrated in augmented (AR),gamification (game item stuff)

  • Layer-2 based payment

Cross-chain based on Layer-2
reduce costs Layer-1 to Layer-2,vice versa.

  • DEX

Adding Info,Analytics,and Charts
Adding Cross-chain Bridge

Innovating,Collaborating,And Branding.