#ZKSwap Rebranding# <> ZKStore!

I am very glad to take part in this event!

A store is a place of sale of goods and services to consumers, as opposed to trade, which is the sale of business or institutional customers

Retailers are the last link in the supply chain from manufacturers to consumers
Purchases are usually understood as the purchase of goods. Sometimes this is done to obtain finished products, including basic necessities such as food and clothing

Also, the subject of purchase can be something else – virtual items, if we are talking about a virtual store

In our case, the name ZKSwap is outdated. After all, ZKSwap V3 will support payment functions at level 2, NFT and DEX, and not just swaps

Therefore, it is necessary to use a more general, more universal name. And I suggest - ZKStore - a familiar word for a long time, sounds accepted together, is easy to pronounce and remember, the ZKS sign is preserved, so that the community will not get lost and confused, but will see the same familiar sign

In fact, the brand will remain, but at the same time the name will be more logical and complete.
Moreover, this will be relevant for all possible subsequent updates. The name will be suitable for everything that developers will add in the future

I hope my offer will be noticed and used, I will be very glad if I see ZKStore in communities and on websites soon

Thanks for your attention

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