#ZKSwap V3 #NFTPersonal analysis and suggestions

V3 proved this to me and I like your direction very much.

A token is a unit of currency on a blockchain. That’s how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are bought and sold.

‘Remember when people would line up in stores for the latest Nike Air Jordans?’ says Katie Haun, general partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. This is the new digital version."

In the end, I think more marketing would be good for ZKSwap, especially focusing on some of the more prominent DEX listings. In my opinion, ZKSwap technology seems to be superior to other L2 solutions, but its position in the market has yet to be improved.

Unanswered questions One thing I’m not clear about is how the migration of NFT from L1 to L2 would work on a technical basis. In an ideal world, transferring NFT between layers (or even protocols) would be as simple as sending tokens. However, as METIS nicely illustrated recently, things get more complicated with NFT (linking: bridging NFT across layers. Pavel Sinelnikov | MetisDAO | | in September, 2021)

Also, integration with other L2 solutions would be a great feature if I were dreaming here. This will eliminate the need for users to incur gas charges each time they go from L2 to L1 and then back to L2.

Because with the popularity of NFT, of course there will be problems exposed, but this makes the future level of NFT very long in the future, so I think NFT will continue to improve in all its development, there are also a lot of good EXCHANGES in the NFT industry, such as Opensea, Rarible, This will be the future NFT exchange, or ZKBox.

At first, I was involved in design for a long time, I learned design in Corel Draw and Photoshop applications, and since the introduction of the new blockchain, CALLED NFT, I have also been involved in wanting to create my own NFT but it is currently at the conceptual stage of the design theme, so I will learn more about design in the future, To create an NFT with a unique theme. My experience was short, but serious.