A Honest #V3 Testnet #Feedback

Hi Team when i am testing the new #V3 #Testnet i found during Minting of NFT there is some Problem in uploading the NFT with Testnet i am doing this on Tokenpocket during minting i found that when i am clicking on + to add file or image then if by mistake i clicked on wrong image then after that it will be added to the site but when i am trying to fix my mistake to select the image or file which i want to mint for NFT for which when i tried to again click on + symbol then page is not giving any response when i am clicking on + symbol. It means if we select a wrong image for mint then even if we want to change that image to correct that then we are not able to do so. The only way we can do it by refreshing the webpage then do the whole process again from step 1 which is annoying we need to give our NFT name again and give it a description again which annoys us as a customer. Please check it on your side also it is very important point i think.

I will suggest you to have a look on this issue.
And my second point is this when i am clicking on mint nft after doing the whole process there should be some information provided on how much gas fee we will be charged for minting either on the same page or as the popup.

As it will tell is how much gas fee we will be going to charge on minting the NFT. Here we can do something like comparing our gas fee for minting with other popular marketplace to show the customers our platform advantage e.g., like saying you are saving 10$ here as compare to other platform by the way that’s a suggestion.

Now coming to buying the NFT fron Nft marketplace i like the popup there when we are clicking on buy the NFT button popup is appearing showing us nft price ,gas fee and fund we have that’s great i think same kind of popup should also appear when we are minting the nft as this will be good which is i think missing their.

Now when we come to swap this is good i like everything there team has been done a great work i like everything there nothing to discuss here i like the development team work there allignment of slippage tolerance option is best as if we keep that option on the top sometime we forgot to set it according to our self.

Now coming to the Ui of the website it is cool thumbs up to the team who have done the great work. The color selection for the website is best it look to good to see the white material ui look.
Ui team has done the great work for the first impression as it is most important for every project. Because first impression is the last impression.

#V3 #ZKSWAPV3 #Feedback


Please pardon me for my bad grammar if it it’s :sweat_smile:

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