#V3 Testnet Feedback# A few issues but it work


Here my feedbacks to this V3 test.
I just tried the V3 and it wasn’t easy to be honest at the beginning. Thing is, I’m using ublock on firefox and I was unable to click anywhere on the website. But after a few minutes I understood that the issue might come from it and deactivated it, and it worked! But usually I have no issue with uBlock on other website so maybe a banner to late user know that it could generate issue would be great!

Using V3 was pretty easy, however I think some features are missing such as filtering NFT list or any advanced search function to make it more convenient to use (filter by price, creator…). Using tags could be useful too.
Making drag and drop working to upload picture would provide better user experience too.
When I tried to mint my NFT, I didn’t had enough tokens, so I used a faucet and tried again and had the same error about lack of tokens. It solved when I refreshed my web page but then I had to fill the form again which was a bit annoying.
When I finaly minted my NFT, I was waiting for something to happen (message or redirection) but nothing happened so I had to manually see it.
Maybe in a further version you could add a batch feature to mint several NFT at the same time.
Despite a few minor issues, adding NFT feature was a must have and I’m really excited about it going live. Swap was pretty easy and quick which are live changer definitively. Just please try to make the UX a bit more enhanced which is clearly what is missing in the “crypto world” nowadays. I’m pretty more feature will be added sooner or later.

Thank you for your time for reading this.

Wallet : 0xF39d75F3D04fec658F966B105d5d96b91e426712