#V3 Testnet and #Feedback in my opinion

Good day Swappers,
after so long i tried all the features of v3 testnet,
today finally I can have time to provide feedback on v3 testnet, I think V3 has been very good both in terms of speed, user interface and ease of use. For almost 2 weeks I have been trying Tesnet V3 there are a few things I want to say about V3 testnet:

  1. Sometimes I often encounter “Blockchain Error” and “Unknown error” errors when trying testnet V3.

  2. Maybe to add a feature to select token fee in the “Mint NFT” menu

  3. Sometimes the “Back” button doesn’t work when I try to return to the previous page

  4. For the “Profile” menu to make it more “interesting” again.

  5. Maybe added “Search” function So we can search by Creator Name or NFT title.

  6. If possible add like and dislike buttons.

  7. “Sort By” function so we can browse based on Popularity, Trending, latest etc.

  8. The most popular NFTs should be displayed on the start page.

  9. NFT category? I think it will be very good.

  10. Adding “Dark Mode” in V3 might be very useful for some people, especially me :joy:.

Maybe this is the only feedback I can convey, maybe there are some suggestions or bugs that have been submitted by the V3 testers

Here my layer 2 address : 0x680bfafe24624874c8ea63ab4cbb2afd22bf8c45

My Xmast Bonus NFT :grin:: https://v3.zks.app/en/nft/6779