My input about #V3 Testnet #feedback

It’s an honor to be part of the many people who have tried this Testnet V3 and provided this pretty good feedback, I am a part of this V3 testnet and will not waste it because this is a good opportunity for me to understand better first. The Mainnet is Launching, I quite understand the context of Testnet V3, it’s not far from V1 and V2 but there are only slight differences, in V3 there is an NFT feature which is quite easy to use and easy to understand too because there we can Mint, Buy and Sell NFT .
after I explored this V3 I found bugs and features that were incomplete in my opinion and it should be fixed more quickly, as my explanation below:

  • First I entered the L2 wallet menu and it was quite good. The assets displayed were quite clear and there were no bugs.

  • Then I tried Swap in L2 Swap at the time of swap I didn’t find any bugs except for the incomplete token feature listed on the menu

  • But when I opened Mining, I was a little disappointed because it didn’t display anything, maybe it didn’t complete the coding, so it had to be fixed again.

  • As soon as I tried NFT, I was very happy because I could Mint, Buy and Sell NFT which was quite good and with the speed of confirmation of the wallet which I really liked, but this has a bit of a bad feeling, it’s just the lack of a filter feature.

  • This is like being born again because with a new UI design / appearance, previously in V1 and V2 with a dark theme but in V3 we see that the light theme looks more elegant when displayed

So maybe my input for this V3 testnet feedback, that’s enough and thank you.

Wallet L2 :