My response about #V3 Testnet Feedback#

Most importantly, thank you very much to the zks team, this testnet is very important to improve anything in a project, I have tried to do some actions in the V3 testnet such as Swap, Mint NFT, Buy and Sell NFT, etc. but there are some things that the ZKS team needs to fix, among others:

  • Incomplete language coverage, this clearly must be completed in order to make it easier for users from various countries to understand better
  • The list of tokens in the swap menu is incomplete and there are still some bugs, this really needs to be improved
  • There is no filter feature in the NFT menu, this should also be improved to make it easier for users to find the NFT they are looking for
  • Mining menu doesn’t display anything this should be fixed too
  • The network selection menu has no other options.

But behind that I am very happy with this testnet because before launching the mainnet, of course, you have to do a testnet first, there are several things that I like in Testnet V3, including:

  • Self-explanatory L2 Wallet menu
  • I also really like the L2 Pool menu because it can improve our experience
  • others such as Slippage Options and gas fees that we can choose what tokens we want to use, such as ETH, ZKS, or USDT it becomes very easy for users to swap, mint nft, etc.

I can only convey some feedback that should be improved maybe it includes very important feedback.

I am very enthusiastic in responding to this testnet because I am also waiting for the Mainnet to launch.

When Mainnet Launching this will be a very happy moment for all ZKS users

Maybe that’s all I can say, I’m sorry if there are mistakes or whatever, because the point is that I can interact more in this V3

Wallet L2 :