This is #V3 Testnet Feedback#

I’ll just say this is a new experience in conducting a testnet and providing feedback, what the ZKS team has done and the management is extraordinary, thoughts and innovations are always evolving all the time, ZKS continues to do its best for all of us, whatever happens is not an ordinary thing but makes us all know the meaning of the word learn, we are all here learning to do our best, after I did some testnet V3 there are some things that need to be addressed and fixed before the mainnet launch, here are some What I can say for improvement:

  1. When I look at the NFT Mall, there are some that I don’t feel comfortable seeing, namely I don’t see any filter features like we can see NFT from the most expensive to the cheapest price or vice versa, I mean a filter like that, it’s very important because to make it easier users search for the NFT they are looking for. and one more thing, there should be a filter like we want to see AUDIO/VIDEO/IMAGES like that, that’s also to make it easier for users to find the NFT they want right.

  2. I am not comfortable with it, the language features are incomplete, there is only English in the search. that should be fixed too

  3. There is no additional network switch button, I see that there is only one network, there should be a network selection feature to make it easier for users to choose the network they want.

  4. In the Swap menu, the Token List is still a bug and it should be reviewed more to add some coins / tokens that must be added to it.

That’s probably only a few that I mentioned and maybe there are many more that need to be improved, hopefully the ZKS Team can be more thorough in making improvements before the mainnet is launched.

Thank you

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