Let's Go #V3 Testnet Feedback#

I have experience in several tests, because my goal is to test and provide feedback so that the project can be even better and continue to update every bug in the test,

In this ZKS V3 testnet I would like to share some suggestions and inputs so that the team can conduct more in-depth research, and when the mainnet is launched it can be realized properly, here are a few things I want to convey:

  1. In claiming the ZKS and USDT faucets, there are some bugs such as delays, sometimes hours, sometimes minutes.
  2. There is no filter feature in NFT sales, such as just looking for AUDIO or something else, the point is that the ZKS Team needs to add some coding to it for the filter feature in NFT.
  3. And I don’t like the look a little bit because it’s a bit stiff, maybe the team can change the look to make it more elegant like giving more bubbles or whatever so that the display can be updated again

But behind that I have some that I like, such as:

  1. When connecting Wallet is very fast there is no delay
  2. The deposit and send process is also fast
  3. Etc

Thanks maybe that’s some feedback from me