#V3 Testnet Feedback# for dev

wallet: 0x2d1683B3Cfb8498246B9949EBE2102635992aDCB

Tested your site. In principle, everything is smooth, but a couple of things are annoying. Especially in the NTF section. While creating my NTF, I was faced with the inability to load it the first time. It gave Unknown error and I did not understand what to do to solve this error. Only by a simple selection of attempts, by pressing different buttons on the site, I was able to load my NTF. But I don’t understand how to price it, how to edit it, and how to delete it. In principle, the interface is quite simple, but when you run into a corner, it is not entirely clear how to get out of it. I also did not like the fact that at every step I had to unlock wallet. It really pisses me off to do this after every click. Add the ability to do this once and for all for your site.
Also, not all buttons were clickable on different pages of the site. Test them again and fix the errors. And then success is clearly in store for you! In principle, the very process of depositing and exchanging is very simple and straightforward. The engine runs fast, the exchange is fast. Everything is intuitively clear what to click where, what to do and what you get in the end. But again I ran into this annoying story with unlock wallet. Every time the page was refreshed, the wallet was blocked and everything had to start over. Since my laptop is not very fast, every unlocking was extremely difficult for me! I would also like you to add a little more bright colors to the site and make it possible to sort and filter NFT. And also the ability to make pictures with NFT pre-space a little smaller (list, table, small thumbnails)
Hope you’ll find my review helpful! And I’m waiting for my honestly earned ZKS! One Love!