All ok but should be add filter option #V3 Testnet Feedback#

Nft experience was awesome. But there are some problem on filtering. I didn’t find any filter option in nft marketplace. This is part and parcel iloption for any nft marketplace. Without filter we will never find our destination nft because there will be thousands of nft available. How we find nft that we are looking for???
If filtering option enable it will easier to go to our designating nft. It will boost search option and you know faster boost client satisfaction. Without filtering i thing the marketplace is not fillfill.
Hope team will look at this point and enable the filter option. So we can get popular nft easily.

There are another issue that i face on v3 is show false value of ether. I saw the ether value thant show on v3 is not correct. Everytime i login on v3 it show different value. I know this is just testnet and the problem will be solved once updated. But still this is very irritating because i use it regularly. I want this bugless even o testnet. Hope team will be fixed this problem after todays update. I am waiting for this.
Best of luck zkswap team. Definitely it will be huge success for team and us. One day layer 2 will changed the world.
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