My personal experience #V3 Testnet Feedback#

As a zks lover It is really proud moment to be part of the nft revolution. I am really happy for that.
Tested the testnet a couple of times. All looks ok but i still it need some improvement.
Now lets talk about that…

Showing false value of assest :

I deposited some ether on V3 but it shows false value of my asset. It should be solve. This is really irritating .

Mobile version nft should be more lite version :

On mobile version the nft market place only show one nft per collum and 10-12nft per page. It’s really bad to scroll one page to another page again and again. It should be like treasureland.

Should be add filter option for nft :

There are no filtering on current version. It always show new nft on top. But i think the top nft should be on top.

Not much coin added:
I saw on testnet there are a little number of coin available. If unlimited coin available it will be great.

Address : 0x791eccE53d7eaE1a9CA220BD7CbC761C3f51C35C