#V3 Testnet Feedback#The v3 is born

Having been with ZKS for almost a year going from V1 to V3, UI Generation is better than generation one and can trade NFT and create part of V3 test network, not to waste it because it’s a good opportunity for me to understand better first. Mainnet is starting up, and I know Testnet V3 very well in context, which is not far from V1 and V2 but only slightly different, and has an NFT feature in V3
The experience was great. But there are some problems with filtering. I didn’t find any filter options in the NFT market. This is an important part of any NFT market, as well as the NFT packaging function, which is a basic requirement of the NFT trading platform. I hope ZKS can implement this in the testnet, thank you.
The overall user interface is very intuitive and looks very good.
I’m happy to try NFT because I can cast, buy and sell NFT, very good, confirm wallet speed I really like, but it’s a bit of a bad feeling, just lack of filtering function.
I hope ZKS will be more and more perfect in L2 and attract more users