#V3 Testnet Feedback# Solid platform!

Dear ZKS

I had a good experience with Testnet V3. Very nice & simple interface. Thank you for your efforts and work. I’m a crypto & NFT trader and it is very important to me to have such projects especially when there is an opportunity to buy NFT with a small gas fee. Awesome service, beautiful display of NFTs. A little more of my notes on the interface. It would be nice in trading and collecting NFT on the site to put some tutorial videos on what and how to do when you get to the site for the first time. Sometimes it really helps beginners to get the hang of it and enjoy all the features!

But there are also some cons:
I cannot pack my 5 NFT for sale
I sometimes had the site freeze on the L2 trade page
When it comes to copyright protection, can the authorities set me or some qualified candidates as certified NFT market participants? There is too much noise in the market at present, which can easily cause bad money to drive out good money.

Hopefully this can help the team’s progress in the future, this feedback is given out of concern for ZKS so that it can develop properly and comfortably for users.

Thanks to all the people behind this project!