Enjoying the UI so far #V3 Testnet Feedback#

#V3 Testnet Feedback#

Firstly, on ZKNFT. Loved how smooth and simple the entire process was from depositing L1 asset on to L2, making edits to my profile and then, minting and listing my first NFT!
Also loving the NFT wallet on the webapp, one place to see my favourite collection.

Below are some bumps I experienced along the way and anything I else I thought would have made it a better experience for me.

  1. On the landing page, instead of “welcome to artist”, consider “welcome all artists” or change it entirely since the paragraph that follows does not necessarily flow logically, unless we have something like, “For the uninitiated”.

On the L2 wallet page, instead of “Hidden small” consider the term “hide small” instead? Also it would have been perfect if I could define how “small” is considered “small”.

  1. Got stuck when the system (wrongly) prompted me to switch network. This occurred more than twice (e.g. when minting and listing my NFT). When I accepted it, the system ended up hanging and a refresh and repeat of entire minting procedure was required. The way around this was simply to cancel the prompt and remain on Rinkeby Test Network. Not sure if this is just a bug due to the test network. Otherwise, I imagine it being a frustrating episode for those that have to reupload and re-write descriptions – or worse, forgetting what I initially wrote! Disclaimer, may have been just be me and my computer from Y2k.

  2. On the Profile page. Under “Collect” (should be “collection”?) tab, clicking on the 3 dots bring out the “sell, transfer, withdraw” option. The “Sell” button does not seem to be working.

  3. It would be good if I could toggle the size of the display of my collection. Like in windows, where one can choose the icon size. Also, would be nice to have the option of a “list view” - like in Taobao :smiley: . In fact, we can draw inspiration from these e-commerce platforms, after all NFT marketplace is also similar in function to a large extent.

  4. On the explorer. “Contact address”, is it supposed to be “Contract” instead of “Contact”?

  5. When Swapping, would be good to have the option for prices to refresh automatically at a user-defined interval, if bandwidth allows. Otherwise, at least a platform defined interval – could be time-wise or price threshold-wise.

  6. Definitely be the best if we could incorporate price charts and slightly more advanced order types (e.g. limit order) on to the platform.

Looking forward to more amazing things from you guys!

My address: 0xf01164592Dad417A3Ba051085B7FCe6Cf6cE38C1