Good UI and UX, but need some suggestion #V3 Testnet Feedback#

I like the UI, especially the DEX and the wallet. But, the NFT section needs much more development! As of now it’s hard to discover NFT in ZKSwap because there’s no category whatsoever! Maybe set a general category like: painting, photography, 3D art, 2D art, anime, others!

Also, you can maybe add collection made by users. Just like what did! I think taking notes from is a great step to make your NFT section more useful. As of now your NFT mall is a desert with full of random things, this is bad if you want to bring it to the mainnet. Also maybe add “sort by” feature too? It’s a basic function but it could made so much better on the user experience if you implemented it.

Don’t forget to add verified artist, featured collection, and featured artist too! Maybe add trending section (by views number) so more good art and legit artist could have more exposure! About the UX, I think clicking L2 Trade should default to L2 Swap, as of now it doesn’t do anything. Or maybe just combine both I think it’s okay.

About deposit NFT, I think you should add quick guide how to deposit NFT from L1 to L2, as of now it’s confusing about what should we do. What’s ID and what’s address? Add a quick guide so more people can understand!

About mining section, I can’t test what so ever because it’s empty. is it a bug? or is it coming soon? if it’s coming soon, add announcement that said coming soon there so people aren’t confused!

Oh and, last but not least, don’t forget dark mode! People loves dark mode, add a switch so people can switch from light to dark mode easily

Anyway, good job for the dev, I hope ZKSwap become one of the best L2 solution within Ethereum. I think the devs did a pretty good job, but alas there’s still a room for improvement especially suggestion that I said above! :grinning: