Vital Upgrade:Ui/Ux #V3 Testnet Feedback#

I have experienced the platform exploring all its features to maximize my satisfaction and here are some of the things that could be worked on;

**The ui/ux can be improved by making it easy to navigation especially for newbies. I had to search for hidden deposit tabs when bridge, i think important features like should have its tab. **

secondly as much as this is still testnet , darkmode is more healthy to the eyes. One will be able to enjoy using zkswap at any time of the day , most especially at night.

Lastly: The nft page is awesome and it will be nice if one can see more details about ones nft.

in addititon it will be nice if the team can consider integrating a direct sale link to popular nft market place. such as opensea, so i can click from my nft on zkswap and go directly to a marketplace


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