My #V3 Testnet #Feedback for ZKSwap Team

Hi ZKSwap, here im about to share my review and feedback for the team with my very first time using zkswap V3.

  1. UI is really friendly in my experience for the first time but the minus is its really boring with a predominantly white interface and minimal transitions between tabs. For example, when we click “L2 Trade” there is only an animated popup tab below it with the options “L2 Swap” & “L2 Pool” which is bounded by a box with a pastel color background but only boxed like that even looks separate from “L2 Trade” which should be a part (sub) of main feature (L2 Trade), the user interface feels very easy just because the features are still minimal
    since this is new i will just give my suggestion :
    • Better there’s a Categorize or Tag for the NFT we are about to mint and Search
    • also give recommendation about Hot/Popular/General(mainstream) Tag to help user searching or mint their NFT, it will really helpful for categorizing
    • please do more work for the NFT Mall UI especially with NFT preview its just too big in my opinion realizing after full launch of course more people will come and using it.

ETH L2 Address : 0x02fe871d929998f18c632e8cc91a3c1ce714f589