ZKSwap #V3 Testnet Feedback# from thecooldude

Every great project didn’t become great overnight but it became great because of its team’s consistency and sheer passion to improve. And the best way to improve is to listen to the feedback received from the very users of the product. It’s great to see how ZKSwap’s team listens to its users and values their opinion! Their zeal to improve is incredible!

ZKSwap’s mission is to become the best ZK-Rollups based layer-2 DEX with the AMM model!

Here is my feedback for ZKSwap V3 Testnet:

Several times when I opened the app, I faced lagging issues, for example after landing on the homepage if I clicked on “L2 Wallet”, “L2 Trade”, “NFT”, etc nothing happened except for the changing of the URL on the address bar of my browser.

Also, when I clicked on “Connect Wallet” and did the required authentication on my wallet nothing happened immediately but when I refreshed the website it started showing that my wallet is connected.
Note: My internet speed is great.

So the robustness of the app could be improved to make the user experience better.

Talking about the UI design, words of the header like “L2 Wallet”, “L2 Trade”, “NFT”, etc are a little hard to get noticed due to the color combination of the word and its background.

The color for buttons like “NFT Mall”, “Mint NFT”, and “User Page” could be made a little different to stand out from the background.

The shadow for the cards is too widespread; it could be more defined.

The font is too simple.

The overall UI could be made more eye-pleasing using better color combinations and fonts.
I really liked the UI of the “L2 Swap” and “L2 Pool” sections.

Apart from that, according to me, everything works as expected. The NFT creation, buying, and selling work seamlessly. L2 Trade feature also works as expected though more token support is appreciated. Deposit and withdrawal to and from L2 account are smooth. Everything is well ordered.

I Hope the ZKSwap team finds my feedback helpful, wishing them great success in this project!

Address: 0x14905b484719e32901949869a2621e6ff3096bcf

Tweet: https://twitter.com/arquam_ejaz/status/1470096052078276609?s=20