My experience about testnet #V3 Testnet feedback# twitter: @fxtarek4

I am with zkswap since 9 months. I saw.many up and downs. But i still believe zks will rise again. With the update of v3 it is the time to Make Zks great again.

In crypto trend is the key. And i am really happy that finally zkswap follow the trend. Yesterday we saw that Pepsi mint 1800+ nft. UNICEF announced they will mint nft for good. Twitter already mint their genesis nft. So nft has a future. People loves nft because everybody believe this is the future of art.

Now Let’s talk about testnet.

Test the testnet. The ui is supersmooth. It is easy to use for everyone. It is mobile user friendly and many more. But i still think it should be more unique. In wallet features i saw the value of my assest is incorrect. Hope this bug will solve in mainnet.

I didn’t find any filter option on nft marketplace. Why this? Everyone know for any nft marketplace Filter option is the part and parcel option. It helps buyer to.find quality nft easily.

Also there are no option to bidding. Nft marketplace should have bidding option. Why i sell my nft in fixed price? When it should be higher than that? It also help buyer to check peoples interest. And seller wipl get higher price.

In testnet i saw most of nft minted via wallpaper. Hope people will not stole others photo in mainnet. And team looks at this point…

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