<< New name, new logo >> #ZKSwap Rebranding#

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Hello, I want to share my rebranding option for ZKSwap. I think the best option for this is “Elipsis”. And now I’ll tell you why.

We need a planned set of emotions that a person experiences when interacting with news about a company or its product. Everything that matters when choosing for a particular person at a particular moment should have an element in the brand system. Ellipsis - many dots. This symbolizes the decentralized presence of an infinite number of participants in the ecosystem. The ellipsis is the symbol of decentralization! Many parts of one whole that should work in unison. The components that create the brand identity and the emotional connection between the consumer and the brand add up to an identity! Bright and juicy design creates associations with certain bright and saturated colors in the user, increases the image and recognition of the company. Simplicity in design and sonority of the name increases the trust and loyalty of consumers of services. hmm… actually, I just like this name :grinning: I specifically checked if there is a project with a similar name and found nothing. Why has this beautiful name not been used until now? Elipsis - it sounds cool! Do you agree?