#ZKSwap Rebranding# My post about the rebranding of ZKSwap


When I found out that ZKSwap decided to rebrand, I was very surprised. But after a little reflection, I decided that this would be a great opportunity for the project. Wrap the excellent technologies that the team develops in a new “delicious” package. I came to the conclusion that this is a great idea. For the further development of the project, changes are needed that will help reach a large audience, as well as make the user experience of the service simple, convenient and unforgettable. Naming is an important part of a brand’s marketing strategy. The company name can be sonorous, simple, original, funny or fashionable - the main thing is that it sets you apart from competitors and causes unique associations in the client. With a good name, it will be easier for you to stand out among competitors, attract the attention of customers and be remembered.

I believe that the most attractive and at the same time habit-inducing is something as simple as possible. The name should not be too long, it should express the main idea and be remembered with small details that rivet the eye. After thinking about it and going through a large number of options, I decided on the option - EASE. As you guessed right away, this is a slightly modified word EASY. EASE looks better when writing, emphasizing the feeling of overall simplicity and symmetry. Also, changing the last letter makes a person subconsciously pay attention. After all, this is not the usual word EASY, but EASE) This tenth of a second, when a person subconsciously thought and wondered, allows you to be deposited in the subconscious of a person and stay there for a long time. You can see my example of rebranding in the attached images. When thinking over the logo and the overall style, I tried to follow the concept of simplicity outlined above. This allows you to emphasize:

  • how easy can the user interact with the product of the ZKSwap team
  • how easy can he get the services he needs collected in one place
  • how simple is the experience of using Layer2 in comparison with the Ethereum network

Look at how great it looks! :heart_eyes::point_down:

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