Rebranding proposal: ZKValley. Rationale below. #ZKSwap Rebranding#

Context: ZKSwap has expanded it’s product range offer beyond being a token swap protocol, and this expansion is going to accelerate even further in the near future with the launching of V3. Therefore, the brand ZKSwap no longer expresses what this protocol has to offer.

Rebranding objective: develop a new brand that captures the wider set of products included in ZKSwap V3, including layer 2-based payment, DEX, and NFT features.

Personal consideration: I strongly believe that we should maintain the “ZK” part of the brand. Countless insightful articles have been written lately about the benefits of zkrollups, and many strong voices within the ecosystem (Vitalik included) have been preaching about the bright future of a modular Ethereum when L2 initiatives based on zkrollups technology gain massive adoption. The fact that ZKSwap is built on zk-rollup tech is a KEY benefit, not only technologically speaking but also in generating awareness and adoption.

Proposal’s rationale: in the future, users will settle into a L2 rollup to execute most of their crypto/web3/metaverse needs, taking advantage of Ethereum’s L1 security and data availability. With this “settlement” vision in mind, I’ve decided to anchor the rebranding proposal on the “Valley” metaphor.

ZKValley” is therefore a metaphor for an inviting meta-place to move, settle and live.