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Whether the BSC version should independently issue the governance token BZKS;
Not recommended, it will weaken the value of zks and harm original users.
Unless: destroy the zks on the eth chain and issue additional bzks. Compensate original users in the form of airdrops. Because if this is not the case, it will still dilute the user’s original zks value as a whole.

Which currencies should be officially launched in the BSC version;
Prioritize high-quality projects on the BSC network, such as cake, alice, and alpaca
You can refer to the pancakeswap-top-100 list: Ethereum token lists

What are the transaction fee currencies that the BSC version supports users to choose;
bnb is certain,
Zks should be there too, continue to improve the value acquisition of zks
Maybe you can also support cake, maybe you can grab the users of pancake to zks bsc.

What do you want the first Layer 2 asset on the BSC chain to be and what are your expectations?
Those who use zks bsc must be retail investors with frequent transactions but small funds, because they care about bsc’s handling fees.
Therefore, tokens with large transaction volume and many trading users on bsc should be added. Except stablecoins and BNB. For example, today’s 24-hour pancake transaction volume is the largest: cake\raca\c98\bp\mbox. Of course, the transaction volume in the past 30 days shall prevail when it goes online.