#ZKS BSC Suggestions by myself

I’d like to start by saying how happy I am to be one of the early supporters of ZKSwap. Below is my answer:

  1. I think it is possible to have a separate governance token in the BSC version.New token name $BZKS simple enough to make people understand that it is the BSC version of the token. Maybe it could also be $bZKS but I think this can benefit the community.

  2. There should be as many tokens as listed in the BSC version of ZKSwap, especially tokens that are not available in the current ZKSwap ETH network. And also ZKSwap should definitely allow these project tokens ($DPED, $FARA, $SKILL) in its BSC version. These people are in great demand.

  3. In my opinion, a fee token in the BSC version of ZKSwap would suffice, this could be $BNB, but with low fee, which is a very common fee token in the BSC network.

  4. I think this is a great move to make it easier to use. Many investors will recognize and have the opportunity to learn about ZKSwap. A simple but informative interface will welcome new users of the BSC version. As the market’s new hype is GameFi and NFT. I thought it would be great to list GameFi projects and implement NFT in ZKSwap. Some NFT drops would be great too! These could be steps to further development, but I’d like to ask. A bridge would actually be more awesome!

Thank you very much for the opportunity, here is my address: 0x386465dA26F3a6cC68C4C5E95FE37422e1DF5aFd