#ZKSwap BSC# I believe in the success of the BSC version

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  • First of all, I want to express my gratitude to the project and the team for the efforts they make to create a truly product for people. Thanks

  • Regarding the issue of a separate bZKS token, I have concerns that this may cause confusion in a large number of tokens. Especially for newcomers to the crypto industry, as well as newcomers to the ZKSwap camp. In my opinion, one management token (gZKS) will be quite enough for a comfortable User-System interaction.

  • As for which coins should be listed in the ZKSwap version for BSC, this list can be quite large and extensive. It is necessary to give preference to coins with a high level of trust in the team, first of all, it can be CAKE, BAKE, 1INCH and others. This list can be continued, but only with the highest quality and selected assets.I would suggest doing the following: to hold a separate round of voting on this issue among the community, but to do it in the form of choosing a certain number of tokens from a list consisting of 20-30 coins.

  • ZKS is best suited for paying for gas. This will be an excellent solution that will have a positive impact on the reputation of the token and will perfectly fit into the concept of a marketing campaign.

  • My expectations are more publicity among the crypto community, as well as new opportunities that may come off before the project in connection with attracting new users and expanding the community. Also, this innovation can positively affect the reputation and additional coverage in the press and various information resources. I believe that opinion leaders and influencers can draw the attention of their audience, which will also have a positive impact on the popularity of the project.