[#ZKSwap Mobile #] Some things about the Settings and onboarding

  1. Populate the currencies section with more currencies, especially the big ones.
  2. “All data will be emptied…” → “All data will be erased…” is better english
  3. Remove the comma after “otherwise”
  4. During onboarding, ask the user if he/she wants to use biometric unlock features

Great work so far, even tho it seems servers are down right now :wink:

Thanks for your kindly advise, we will fix those things quickly~

Your suggestion has been accepted! pls send your address to this account, we will send 10ZKS in 3 days after the activity end


No or small minimum on withdrawal . $200 is high when you want to transfer to L2 app .
We Really need more Currency Pairs .
Love using this and the interest is great feature .