A plan for Improving Social Media, Marketing and Comms

The project is great, there are a lot of good things to talk about and yet it seems no-one knows the project and the way marketing/comms/social is handled seems to be about the worst in the entire Crypto market.

This is really frustrating as it’s not that hard - projects with no team and no money are doing a much better job by incentivizing the community to make memes, make images, re-post tweets, make videos etc.

The narrative of a sub $1 coin on L2 linked to ETH, that is 80% down (or more depending on how you look at it) is such low hanging fruit to sell, especially when MATIC etc are doing so well. If the team doesn’t take advantage of this moment it’s a huge mistake.

If this project even had like 50 engaged people working with a dedicated team who could make strong visuals and write attractive copy surely we’d all be better off. It’s not even a question of technology which makes it’s all the more confusing as to why it is not happening. The investment to reward ratio is incredibly good for the founding team and major holders. So it only leaves me thinking that there are 3 options:

  1. The team made enough money
  2. The team don’t care
  3. The team just aren’t marketing savvy people

I’m hoping it’s 3. In which case we need to put together a plan to improve here. I’m listing 8 simple points to get started, 8 because it’s a lucky number :slight_smile:

  1. Stop Reliance on PoL - the first few times was OK but doesn’t work alone anymore obviously.
  2. Make posts Engaging: Medium posts are OK but everything is low energy. Not good enough in Crypto where everything is High energy.
  3. Raise Post Frequency: Posting once every few days in 2021 is simply not good enough
  4. Improve Style of communication: Copywriting is dull. There is no personality to the project. Other projects are doing a much better job of this
  5. Engage people to DO THINGS: People will make posts, make memes, make videos if there are incentives. It’s really simple. We all win
  6. Build a core influencer network: Where is the outreach to any influencers? I follow Crypto Twitter, YouTube and since March have not heard a single word about ZK, in the middle of a bull market.
  7. Be Clear & Simple: Let’s get strong on how / what ZK does in relation to ETH in simple language that everyone can understand
  8. Develop a Narrative: Give us something to communicate on, roadmaps, collaborations, anything!

I could literally go on forever. But would love to hear other inputs and let’s get this thing going!


The Friends project has disappointed a lot of people!

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Very rational proposal, as a community member I agree with every word you wrote.

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Completely agree

Hi Cy, James from ZKSwap here. Thanks for the great proposal. It’s definitely to the point.

this is the type of outline that sums up ZKS market image and how to add value in this critical area.

I would also offer a promotion referral type reward program_ with possible tier levels and custom promo codes for influencers_ combine this with look to take on hot tokens or projects even a way to launch a new token project via zkswap… this could even be with other blockchains like ada projects dot whatever subsidize liquidity pools for new project pair like on 1inch. or start a project launch pad that works with or in partnership whatever with the zks platform.

sorry all a bit of a ramble_late for me